Deposit Protection Scheme 


Other DPS Facts

The Three Approved Schemes Are

  • Deposit Protection Service (DPS)
  • MyDeposits
  • Tenancy Deposit Schemes (TDS)

Other Facts

  • Tenants deposits must be insured within 30 days of receipt of funds being paid to the agent or landlord
  • A certificate of insurance must be issued to the tenant(s)
  • Deposit amount must remain the same throughout the tenancy
  • Check out report must be sent to tenants within 10 days of check out highlighting any discrepancies (if any)
  • The deposit amount should be paid back to the tenant(s) within 21 days should there be no disputes
  • If landlord and tenant(s) fail to come to an agreement, either party can refer the dispute to the relevant deposit protection scheme
  • Adjudication should take no longer than 40 days however meanwhile the undisputed amount is paid back to the tenant within 21 days

Evidence Required In The Events Of A Dispute

  • Signed tenancy agreement
  • Inventory and check in report signed by the tenant(s)
  • Check out report
  • Any supporting photographic evidence
  • Any relevant invoices, receipts & estimates
In April 2007 the Government introduced tenancy deposit protection whereby it is a legal requirement for all AST’S to have the deposit insured to prevent monies being taken unfairly from the tenants deposit.
This is an important piece of legislation and works hand in hand with having a professionally prepared inventory.
When a tenancy has come to an end, without having a professional, third party inventory carried out to prove the property's original condition, it is unlikely all parties will be in a position to determine and prove who is at fault for any discrepancies in the event of a dispute.
Failure to compile a detailed inventory at the start of the tenancy will result in the tenant automatically receiving the deposit back in full, regardless of the circumstances, when the tenancy has come to an end.
To insure the tenants deposit, Landlords or Agents must use one of the Three approved Tenancy Deposit Protection schemes. If any other scheme is used, deposits are not protected in law.