Adaptive  Service 

Apartmentory pledges to provide services at a time that's required. Outside normal working hours you can still phone us and we will arange a time to attend the property.  

High Resolution Photography 

All of our reports include high resoliution photography to accurately reflect the property. 

Pictures will reflect the state of furniture, interiour and other items in the property. 

Check in and Out Reports 

Begining and end of tenancy doesn't have to be a straining process.

Reports allow both parties to compare the prooerty before and after the occupany and taking natural wear and tear in to considertion proceed with the security desosit release.

Inventory can help avoid a despute over the deposit when the tenants move out. 

Deposit Protection Schemes

It is required to put the deposit in a goverment-backed deposit protection scheme (DPS) and sertificate should be shaed witht the tenant.

Apartmentory can hold the deposit for the duration of tenancy and manage that for you.


Carbon Monoxide and Fire Alarms 

All alarms will be checkeed during the inventory. 

Carbon monoxide and the smoke alarms must be properly tested at the outset of any tenancy starting from the first of October 2015.

Meter Readings 

Electricity, gas and other readigs in the property will be taken and logged, 

Meter readings are included with Inventory and Check In/Out reports booked simultaneously.

Profesional End of Tenancy Cleaning

It is always advisable to book inventory service after the cleaning has been completed and previous tenent moved out completely. 

That will allow to generate the inventory report to a highly accurate standart.

Eficiant Reports

Our clerks use special digital tools to compile the relevant report which is completed, digitally signed and uploaded to your portal the minute they leave the property.. We aim to get our detailed reports to clients within 24 - 48 hours.

As a member of the AIIC, Apartmentory use approved industry best practice to ensure we provide the best quality of service to landords, letting agents and tenants.